What Is Inner Healing

“I will restore you to health
    and heal your wounds,’
declares the Lord “


Wikipedia defines inner healing as; The Inner Healing Movement refers to a grassroots lay counseling movement among Christians of various denominations. It engages the use of prayer, forgiveness, repentance, rejecting lies and replacing them with truth, and processing painful memories to bring emotional and spiritual healing.

While we can agree with the above definition, there is so much more to Inner Healing. It is as old as the Bible itself.  In both the Old and New Testament scripture tells us, God will heal our bones, our mind, our soul and give us a new heart and a new spirit.  In Isaiah 61 God tells us; Jesus, a messenger of God has come to preach the good news, heal the brokenhearted, set the captives free, comfort those in sorrow and give us beauty for pain and ashes.  When we decide to connect with God, he takes our stony hearts and give us a heart of flesh. 

So many of us struggle with fear, anxiety, depression, anger, sin, sickness, negative emotions and dis-ease that causes us to be disconnected from God, ourselves and others.  Often a life crisis event leads us to seek counseling and wisdom to obtain freedom from the things that bind our everyday life. Countless experiences and our reactions have formed who and what we are.

The Inner Healing is a process of evangelism, sanctification and transformation. Inner Healing is not Psychology. While we may use some psychological insights, we use and apply solid biblical principles to understand and heal the heart, mind and body.   It is in this inner healing process where we discover our responses and beliefs about God, ourselves and others.  During that process we can see our belief systems, unforgiveness, judgements, inner vows, expectations, bitter roots and sowing and reaping.  It is not a process of healing emotions and memories; it is so much more. Its taking a moment in time to look at and discover how we view life, others and our responses to it.  It is a process where someone listens, really listens then through grace, mercy, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, deliverance and discussion, empower you with tools, to live a holistic victorious life.  

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