Victorious Life

Living a Victorious life looks different for everyone.  Victory is a gift from God.  We can have little victory apart from a life with God.  This is evident in our society today.  Depression, Despair, Striving, Hatred, Jealousy, Greed, Anxiety, Fear, Sickness and Sin, Grief, Broken relationships and disconnection from God.  Some say it is because we live in a “fallen world”. If we believe that, we live that.  We were created to live an abundant life, not something we attain fully, but rather a journey, a pilgrimage, a discovery of ourselves in connection with ourselves, others and God. We were created to live a full life. God the master craftsman gives us tools, wisdom and power to learn, grow and walk these out.

Big Picture:

Victory in your Heart – Proverbs 20:25-21:4

Victory of the battle in our hearts and minds. Not having all the answers, but able to look at self through God. Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Written Word.

Victory over Death – Romans 8: 1-39, 1 Corinthian 15:50-16:4

Jesus, through the cross and resurrection, has defeated sin, guilt and death.

Jesus wraps His arms around us and takes the sting of death, sickness, disease, sin, failures.

Victory over evil – 1 Corinthians 15:57, Ephesians 6:10-18, 1John 5:4

There are over 100+ verses in the bible giving us victory over the enemy.

Victory in our Daily Walk/Life:

John 10:10b TPT

“I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect, life in its fullness until you overflow.”

Victorious living is holistic; mind, body and spirit are connected and working together as one.

It is important to be present in all three.

The ability to:

Worship individually and Corporately. Able to sense the presence of God.

Able to sustain a private devotion with God.

A heart and spirit of gratitude and thankfulness.

Abel to listen for revelation from God

Maintain health – can recover from illness.

Able to have original insight and inspiration – Creativity

Able to relate to time – past, present and future. Hope rather than despair

Able to have Empathetic communication – sense where the other person is coming from

Able to have glorious martial sex – whole love meets whole love. Not just physical but nurturing to the mind, body and spirit.

Clean Conscience, able to keep us from sinning, able to see wrong, repent and turn from it.





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